DJ Tribe

Borned in Sardinia with musically German blood.

Class 82, he has been playing and producing music for almost 20 years. Studied music and production at the music school in Frankfurt am Main in Germany.
When Tribe (Tonio his real name) was 14 had the chance to buy his first synthesiser and since then never stopped play any type of music instruments.
During his career he had the opportunity to work with artists of various types and genres, starting from Pasha and ending with the Ministry Of Sound in London.
Now working in 2022 in his studio on a new album and a couple of releases with a powerful Techno character. Signed with labels such as VORWÄRTS MUSIK, K-NOIZE, TRIPPYCODE ,SUPERMATRIX BUZIOS, LETSTECHNORECORDS ,PHUNKJUNKMUSICGROUP, MOJOHEADZ RECORDS and TECHNOLOGICAL RECORDS

His performances are divided in two types .. one is the classic dj set with a very powerful electro dark Techno print, the other is the live performance with drum machines and synthesizers for the duration of maximum one hour and half of pure electronic music played live.Also collaborating with several Radios in the city of London also gained some confidence with the night programs. Throughout his career always he tried to refine mixing techniques and tried to keep up with the new musical trends that the market can offer.

Dj Tribe played for a long time at the Ministry of Sound supporting big names like Markus Schulz, Oliver Lang and many others. Pasha club, Egg club, Fabric are some places were touched down .. U60311 Frankfurt, Airport Würzburg, Hirsch Nuremberg and many others are part of the list. Traveling from Portugal to the Czech Republic and from Reykjavik to Dubai now back to Motherland Sardinia he try to bring some freshness to a somewhat modern and alternative sound.