Salo-mo was born in Bytom Poland and immigrating to Germany in the 80s. Now he lives in Gladbeck, Germany. In the 90s he found his love for music mainly in electronic music such as trance music, so this led him to start selling well-known music CDs in the past, later he worked successfully on a self-employed basis for the German label IX-Records. He found love for techno music through events such as the German Love Parade. Since then he felt in love with dark, gloomy techno bunkers. From the year 2017 he started djing under the name „salo-mo“ and has been playing techno and house music since then. At the end of 2020 salo-mo started his first courses on music production with focus on techno and electronic music. His first release called „Jungle“ appeared in early 2021, his passion for electronic music and especially the production of new content is growing day by day. His productions mostly go in the direction of melodic peaktime, driving, raw, hypnotic techno. At the end of 2021 Salo- mo started working for the German label „Vorwärts Musik“.