Manilo was already gripped by music fever at the age of nine. He wanted to understand why music touches people so much. For him, making music means telling sound stories and taking the audience on a journey. 
Music is a gift. 
Music is transformation. 
Music is the answer when the days pull the plug on you.
Music is energy and connection. 
Music is pure life.
For Manilo, music is the greatest gift to bring people back to the flow-state of energy.

He was already seduced by the black vinyl records when he was 16. He set out on a journey to change people’s lives with music. His music awakens as driving and riding beats, with atmospheric and symphonic melodies. Perfect to take off and make happiness dance. All Night.

His motto: Beat Up Your Day and Dance (for) Life. 

No matter if Flamenco, Balkan-Beats, Minimal or Electronica-Sounds: his mixes cross borders. Like his great idol Hans Zimmer, he composes a unique mix of energy, lightness, power, motivation, innovation, and freedom.